Behind The Bench: Table Of Contents Overview

Behind the Bench: The Guide to Judicial Clerkships

By Debra M. Strauss, Esq.


Part I:
To Clerk or Not to Clerk

1. The Value of a Clerkship
Including What Exactly a Judicial Clerkship Is, Perspective of Law Firms,
Government, and Academia

2. The Keys to Success in Finding a Clerkship
Including Special Strategies and Mastering the Timing of Your Applications

Part II:
Courts and Clerkships

3. A Collection of Clerkship Opportunities
Including the Judicial Clerkship Experience, Types of Clerkships, and Judicial Externships

4. An Overview of the Courts
Including Federal, State, Administrative, International, and Other

5. Choosing a Court That’s Best for You
Including Factors such as Type of Court and Cases, Level of Court, Geographical Location, and Prestige

6. Choosing a Judge Who’s Best for You
Including Ideology, Judicial Style, Clerkship Term, Special Status, and Connections to the Judge

Part III:
The Nuts and Bolts

7. Building a Successful Application
Including The Timing and Number of Applications, All Elements of the Judicial Clerkship Application: Your Cover Letter, Your Resume, Letters of Recommendation, Transcript, and The Writing Sample

8. Interviews, Offers, Acceptances & Alternative Outcomes
Including Strategies to Prepare for the Interview, the Content of the Judicial Clerkship Interview, Sample Questions a Judge May Ask, Sample Questions to Ask the Judge, the Etiquette of Exploding Offers and Acceptances, Clerking a Year or More Out of Law School, and Other Options to Consider

9. What Do Clerks Earn?
Including Salary, Loan Deferral, Seniority Credit, and Non-Monetary Benefits

10. Preparing for Your Judicial Clerkship
Including Ethics, Etiquette, and Research and Writing Tips

11. The Ultimate Prize: Clerking for the U.S. Supreme Court
Including Feeder Judges, How to Apply, and Comments from a Supreme Court Clerk

12. Lessons and Advice Directly from the Judges
Including Essays from District, Bankruptcy, and Magistrate Judges

Part IV:
Resources For Prospective Judicial Clerks and Their Law Schools

13. Tools for Research: Where to Look For Information on Courts, Judges, and the Like
Including Printed and Online Sources, Computer Resources, and More

14. Minorities, Women, and Clerkships
Including the Demographic Reality, Innovative Programs, and Special Resources


PLUS -- Appendices with critical information on:

  • The Proper Forms of Address
  • The Federal Courts by Circuit, District, and Location
  • The Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees
  • The National Judicial Clerkship Study: Executive Summary and Action Plan
  • Data on Minorities, Women, and Clerkships
  • Law Schools: Ways You Can Help Your Students




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